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Welcome to IntiTech Solar, Costa Rica

We are an alternative energy company, in operation since 1999, completely dedicated to solar energy system design, component sales, installation, service, and maintenance in Costa Rica and all of Central America. Our IntiTech logo is the largest solid gold mask ever made of the principal god of the Incas, the sun god Inti, or the Giver of Life.

IntiTech Solar Products, Services, and Benefits

Solar Systems: Solar energy encompasses a variety of functional applications:

  1. Stand-alone systems for places where there is no grid.
  2. Grid-tie systems that enable you to produce grid electricity deducted from your bills.
  3. Solar pool and solar well pumps up to 2.5 times more efficient than regular pumps.
  4. Solar industrial crop drying, up to 30% more efficient than traditional drying methods.

Bill Reduction with Solar Power: We offer ways to reduce your monthly electric bills, centered around the grid-tie system, use of LED's, and solar water pumping.

Try our New Electric Bill Reduction Calculator! Solar Electric Bill Reduction Tool

Roof Integrated Solar Grid-tie Systems: The grid-tie system enables you to generate solar energy that you sell to the grid, which must compensate you by reducing your electric bill.

Remote Living with Solar: Inti Tech products and services free you to live anywhere you wish while essentially maintaining the lifestyle that on-grid living provides.

Solar Water Delivery: Solar pool and well pumps and solar water heaters are more efficient than the standards and, in a relatively short time, can net your return on investment.

Our Costa Rica Solar Systems Include Extended Warranty, Work Guarantee, and Service Contracts.

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