Solar Electric Bill Reduction ICE

Electric Bill Reduction With Solar Power in Costa Rica

Directions for Bill Reduction Calculator

This tool enables you to calculate how long it would take you to recoup your investment. Here's how the tool works:

  1. Change the Colones to Dollar Exchange Rate to the current value.
  2. Change the ICE Rate: To calculate your average annual ICE rate, divide the average of last 12 month payments by the average of last 12 month's kWh consumption. This is your average ICE rate. Take the same steps for other energy provider rates (Coopeguanacaste, Fuerza y Luz).
  3. If you wish change 15% ICE Rate Increase; it is a default amount based on historical annual 16.3% increases.
  4. Find your area's direct radiation hours in the box to the right.
    Enter the value in the Sun Hours per Day field.
  5. To calculate the required System Size change the Consumption/Production variable to your average annual monthly kWh consumption.
  6. System Size variable changes automatically according to the Hours of Sun and Consumption/Production variables entered. If you wish to calculate the Production given a specific system size, enter your System Size here and we will calculate the monthly production of your system based on Sun Hours per Day for you
  7. Click on Calculate. The Payback Chart appears showing you the number of years it would take to get your money back in annual savings from your monthly electricity bills.

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Bill Reduction Calculator

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