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ECC Directions

Energy Consumption Calculation
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ECC Directions for Stand-Alone System and Solar Friendly Appliance Explanation

The Energy Consumption Calculation (ECC) is the first step for determining the size and cost of your stand-alone photovoltaic system. Essentially, it is a forecast of the loads, or appliances, that you will be using once your solar system is installed.

To complete the ECC, think of the type and number of appliances that you will be running in your house or establishment and record in the ECC their wattage (or their voltage and amps both) and the hours they will run per day and week. Return the ECC to us by e-mail or fax and we will do the remaining calculation based on the ECC information, the average days of sunlight in your area, and other variables. After finding out your energy requirements, we will do a preliminary estimate of the size and cost of your system. We generally design solar systems able to function for five consecutive cloudy days without a generator back up. However, you may opt for fewer days of back up by indicating it on the ECC. Fewer days of back up make the system cheaper because you'd need fewer batteries, but it reduces your system's capacity.

Nevertheless, photovoltaic systems are initially expensive. Therefore, it behooves our clients to make some small adjustments in their selection of appliances. If you don't want to surrender several conveniences, you would have to pay for a photovoltaic system that can sustain their energy demand. PV systems are in the long run worth their initial expense. However, this may be easily reduced with efficient appliance selection.

We recommend the following considerations in your appliance selection in completing the ECC:


If you take these measures in completing the ECC, you can substantially reduce your initial outlay for a PV system.

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