5 kW to 1 MW Hidro-kinetic Generator
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5 kW to 1 MW Hidro-kinetic Generator!

IntiTech designs and constructs intelligent photovoltaic systems (Smart Grid) that store and distribute electric energy efficiently, eliminating the consumption “energy and demand” of peak periods.

The Technology

  • Complete Unit (“Plug and Play”)
  • Weight: 340 kg. Easily transported
  • Robust Industrial Design
  • Adaptable to Diverse Electrical Systems (110V, 220V, 50 Hz, 60 Hz)
  • Modular: Various turbines can be integrated to generate up to 1 MW
  • Permanent magnet generator
  • Low operating temperature due to underwater function
  • Low rotor speeds (between 90 and 230 rpm) protects underwater fauna
  • No gear box
  • No maintenance
  • 1 meter diffuser to increases rotor efficiency
The Technology

External Certification

Test done by the Postdam State Institute, Germany 2012, which confirmed:

  • Capacity curve
  • Unit strength
  • Protection system loses
  • Motor vibrations
External Certification
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  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to install
  • Anchoring System Samples

Specifications Sheet

  • Nominal power with 2.75 m/s
  • Hydro-generator with permanent magnet generates diverse alternating currents
  • Turbine components designed for a 10-year lifetime
  • System expansion with additional turbines
  • Available as a stand-alone, grid-tie, and hybrid systems
  • Volume delivery and specifications adaptable to special projects
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Rural micro-grid electrification

With our system you can directly build a micro-grid. If 5 kW is insufficient, you only need to connect another turbine and allow the grid administration to integrate it to the existing system. Synchronization with different grid power sources is automatic and the electric output is represented as a single source of energy.

Rural micro-grid electrification

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