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Solar power is one of the most reliable and quickest ways to free you from low-quality utility service and high electricity bills.  Solar (photovoltaic) energy delivers water, powers tools, lights homes, dries crops, and refrigerates goods.  Inti Tech will guide you through an accurate assessment of your current energy consumption and inform you of ways to save energy.  Then, we will show you which solar energy solution is best for you and how to apply it.

Costa Rica Solar Systems to Power the Home

Solar SystemsThe Solar Grid-tie System
A grid-tie system is a private photovoltaic system that is tied to and generates energy for the electricity grid.  Because it generates energy for a public utility, laws obligate the utility company to pay the grid-tie system owner for the energy produced.  Therefore, grid-tie owners typically have considerably reduced monthly electricity bills.  Grid-tie systems are composed fundamentally of solar panels and an inverter; they don’t require a battery bank because the grid provides energy at night.  However, some grid-tie owners use a battery bank with their grid-tie system in order to have an uninterruptible power supply in case of grid blackouts.

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The Stand-alone Solar System

A stand-alone system, as the name implies, is a self-contained and autonomous photovoltaic system ideal for remote areas where the electricity grid doesn’t reach. Unlike grid-tie systems, stand-alone systems require a bank of batteries to store energy, collected from the solar panels during the day, for nighttime use.

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Other Solar Applications

Solar Water Delivery

Solar energy may be applied to pumping water for uses such as pools, wells, and irrigation.

Solar Crop DryingSolar Crop Drying
Crops such as coffee, tea leaves, and fruits require a steady low-level application of heat in order to dry and preserve them.  Solarwall, a type of solar panel, is combined with traditional fossil-fuel burning to provide the heat necessary for drying crops with up to 30% more efficiency.

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