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Stand-Alone Solar System

A stand-alone system, as the name implies, is a self-contained and autonomous photovoltaic system ideal for remote areas where the electricity grid doesn’t reach. Unlike grid-tie systems, stand-alone systems require a bank of batteries to store energy, collected from the solar panels during the day, for nighttime use.

Assessment and Installation of Your Stand-Alone System

System Sizing and Preliminary Estimate

  1. Energy consumption calculation (ECC) analysis Fill out ECC
  2. Energy model
  3. Preliminary estimate

Final Estimate

  1. Site inspection (including transportation to and from site)
  2. System design
  3. Final Estimate (good for three months)

Product Choices

While technology advances and prices constantly change we search for the best products at the best price.

Component Set-up

System packages include: batteries, inverters, charge controllers, solar panels, cables and mountings (roof, ground, trackers & top-of-pole), depending upon geographic location.

Installation by Qualified Technicians

We offer complete service and maintenance packages.

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